Code of Conduct

Patron Code of Conduct

The Briggs Lawrence County Public Library is a tax-supported facility, and citizens visiting the library should expect and deserve a quiet, clean, safe and pleasant environment. Unfortunately, the behavior of a few library visitors may destroy this environment. Behavior becomes unacceptable when it interferes with other persons use of the library, when it could result in injury to oneself or others, or when it could result in loss or damage to patron or library materials/property. Engagement of such behavior may subject the individual(s) involved to exclusion from library premises and, in some cases, to legal prosecution.
Some examples of unacceptable behavior are listed below. This list is not intended to be all inclusive.

  • Abuse/Vandalism of library facilities, materials or equipment.
  • Fighting, challenging to fight or provoking violence.
  • Attempting to access computer programs or computer software which is restricted by the library.
  • Unauthorized meetings and/or unscheduled use of facilities.
  • Body odor/Perfume/ Cologne (excessive) which elicits general complaint or causes discomfort to others in the library.
  • Chewing/Spitting/Smoking tobacco products.
  • Bringing in, consuming or using any food, beverages, tobacco, or possession of open food or drink in library buildings.
  • Excessive public display of affection.
  • Exhibitionism/Flashing.
  • Gambling.
  • Harassment either physical or sexual or verbal abuse of patrons or staff.
  • Lack of shoes and shirt.
  • Loitering, including refusal to leave promptly at closing.
  • Noisy behavior, including whistling, loud talking, disruptive use of cellular phones.
  • Occupation of more than one seat or study space.
  • Overcrowding of computer carrels and study tables or improper use of furniture, equipment or materials.
  • Possession of animals other than service animals in the library.
  • Possession of any dangerous or illegal weapons.
  • Refusal to show ID or submit possessions for inspection to library staff upon request.
  • Intentionally taking library property outside the facilities without going through established loan procedures or other proper authorization, or other acts to willfully violate library policy
  • Sleeping on library premises.
  • Soliciting.
  • Theft of library or patron property.
  • Use of radios/TV/smartphones playing audio without headphones.
  • Use of wrong restrooms and improper use including, loitering, solicitation, bathing, washing personal articles and meetings.
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs or being under the influence of the same.
  • Voyeurism/Peeping.
  • Bringing in excessive personal items that would block or interfere with the free movement or access of fellow patrons to aisles, stairs, chairs, library materials, etc.
  • Any unlawful behavior and any other behavior that unreasonably interferes with the use of the library by other persons.
  • Using the library for child-attending services; leaving a child under 10 years of age for any amount of time (children under 10 must be accompanied by someone 16 years of age or older); leaving a child of any age for an excessive period of time or beyond closing.
  • Excessive, loud or extended periods of crying by children that becomes disruptive to other patrons and/or staff.
  • Running.
  • Skating; includes use of skates, skateboards, or inline skates on library property.
  • Disciplining children in a manner that is disruptive to the library environment

A person acting out any of the above actions may be asked to leave the premises, dependent on the seriousness of the violations. Warnings are at the discretion of library staff. A person(s) who persists in the disapproved conduct and refuses to leave the building and grounds when requested will be subject to the reporting of such incident(s) to the local police department. Repeat violators are subject to loss of library privileges.